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VIETNAM VETERANS we welcome you. if you are reading this and would like to ask any questions please do.

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EMAIL US DIRECT FOR BOOKING INFORMATION AND ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT VISITING. Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó.

To all the Vietnam Veterans or family or friends of these servicemen or women from all countries who have talked about visiting Vietnam ,,

We have been home to a number of servicemen who have ventured back to Vietnam after many years. and returned to there home land with pleasent memories.mostof the visits have been started from this end with VN guys looking for their wartime friends, others wanting to return to areas of their youth.and families knowing its for the good. it only takes a minute to send a message.

if you have any particular areas of interest we will do our best to help.

regards Ken


Thng tin chi ti?t

?i nt v? chng ti

Khch s?n Oasis do Ken v Li?u s? h?u, m?t ?i v? ch?ng ng??i New Zealand v Vi?t Nam. Nhn vin c?a chng ti ni ???c ti?ng anh v l ng??i ??a ph??ng. ?i?u ? khi?n cho vi?c b?n ? l?u l?i n?i ?y tr? nn d? dng v tho?i mi nh?t c th?, cng v?i s? giao thi?p thn tnh m ch? duy nh?t khch s?n chng ti c th? mang ??n cho b?n.

Khch s?n Oasis, l khch s?n c 9 phng hi?n ??i, n?m bn b? sng ??i di?n v?i trung tm thnh ph? B?n Tre.

Phng ?c

T?t c? cc phng ??u c cch m, my ?i?u ha, t? l?nh, truy?n hnh cp, my n??c nng ch?y b?ng n?ng l??ng m?t tr?i v r?t nhi?u nh?ng thi?t b? khc ?p ?ng t?t nh?t cho m?i nhu c?u c?a cc b?n.

H? b?i

Chng ti c m?t h? b?i 1,6m v?i h? th?ng l?c n??c hi?n ??i b?ng h?n h?p n??c mu?i v clo. Chng ti c?ng c 4 tp l?u tranh, n?i m cc b?n c th? th? gin m?t cch tho?i mi sau m?t ngy c?ng th?ng. M?t qu?y r??u ngoi tr?i v dy gh? t?a l?ng l khng th? thi?u khi b?n ?ang ??ng bn h? b?i tuy?t ??p c?a chng ti.

Th?c ??n

  • Khch s?n ph?c v? b?a sng theo yu c?u c?a Qu khch, nh?ng ngoi ra lun s?n c nh?ng mn ?n ??y ?? dinh d??ng khc nh? ng? c?c, s?a t??i, tr?ng ?p la, bnh m n??ng
  • M?t ly c ph ?en ho?c cc lo?i n??c pha ch? l th? khng th? thi?u trong b?a sng c?a ng??i Vi?t Nam.
  • N??c ng?t, bia l?nh, r??u vodka hay cc lo?i n??c khong lun c m?t trong th?c ??n c?a chng ti.
  • V r??u g?o ??a ph??ng th chuyn dnh cho nh?ng ng??i snh s?i v? m? t?u.

Nh?ng ?i?m n?i b?t

  • Chng ti cho thu xe my cng v?i ng??i h??ng d?n dy d?n kinh nghi?m, lun s?n sng ??y xe cho Qu khch.
  • Nh?ng chi?c xe Lam ba bnh c?a chng ti lun ch? ?n nh?ng hnh khch ??u tin t? bu?i sng.
  • Lun gi? m?t khng gian bnh yn, thanh th?n v tn tr?ng t?t c? cc khch hng chnh l lu?t l? c?a chng ti.

Gi c?

Lo?i phng

S? gi??ng

Gi (??ng)


1 gi??ng ?i



2 gi??ng ?i


Phng gia ?nh

Lin h?

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Veterans-exservicemen - Familys of etc.
Please contact by email for any inquivies you have.

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